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  1. Pro Series Flyboard Special Black Nozzle Ring Set

    These Special Flyboard Pro Series Black Nozzle Rings were designed by Zapata Racing to angle your nozzles of your Flyboard back more.  This creates a…

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  2. Pro Series Black Nozzle Ring Set

  3. Pro Series Flyboard Clear Nozzle Screws & Washers

    Replacement stainless steel screws and washers for the Pro Series Flyboard Clear Nozzles.  Comes in Set of 8. Zapata Racing Part Numbers:  FB04053 and FB04052

  4. Pro Series Clear Nozzle Screws and Washers (Set of 8)

  5. Galway Seafest Ireland

    Be captivated by stunning performances from PowerFly Products world-class flyboarders in the heart of Galway Harbour. With pump-powered jet packs, the flyboarders will spin and spiral high…

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  6. U-Pipe Plastic Ring (Standard or Double Swivel U-Pipe)

    This is a replacement ring for the Zapata Racing U-Pipe.  For both the Standard U-Pipe or Double Swivel U-Pipe. Zapata Racing Part # FB03C45

  7. U-Pipe Plastic Ring

  8. Pro Series Flyboard Clear Nozzle

    Replacement Clear Nozzle for Flyboard Pro Series.  Can be used for either left or right nozzle. Price per nozzle.  When ordering, if you select 1,…

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  9. Pro Series Flyboard Clear Nozzle

  10. Pro Series Flyboard Replacement Float

    Replacement Flyboard Pro Series float.  Stock floats come in black.  We offer replacement floats in either red or white.  Select what side of the board…

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