Flyboard Training, VIP Service, Shows and Lessons

Our team at PowerFly Products is here for you! We offer the following services:


Mark Baxter is a master certified instructor through PWC Products – Zapata Racing.  He is recognized as qualified instructor for various insurance companies, including the most popular offered by First Flight Insurance.

Our training covers all aspects of flying:

  • How to install, maintain and care for your equipment;
  • Learning how to fly;
  • Teaching other’s how to fly;
  • General safety.

If you are a rental company wishing to become certified, you will receive a discounted insurance rate with your certification and US Coast Guard Captain’s License (if you are operating in Coast Guard navigable waters).

We will train you whether you purchased the equipment from us or another source.  Contact us for pricing.  Prices vary depending upon the type of training needed.

**Note: We are not a rental company.  You will need to book an appointment for any lesson.

VIP Service

Traveling to provide pristine VIP service to customers on yachts or at their location for over 12 years.

For over 12 years, owner Mark Baxter has been traveling internationally representing PowerFly Products. Services he provides to his clients include Crew Chief for high performance jet ski’s and Lead Water Flight Instructor which entails:

  • Water Security and Safety;
  • 8-12 hour days on the water training a variety of customers to Flyboard and Hoverboard;
  • Mechanically maintain jet ski’s, train and supervise support staff;
  • Upgrade and maintain water flight equipment.

Mark has traveled to the following locations:

Across the USA; Maldives; Seychelles; UAE; Russia; Turkey; Greece; New Zealand; Australia; Israel; Thailand; Bahamas; Spain; Venezuela, Ukraine.

We also have a team of professionals who you can hire to perform shows using the Flyboard, Hoverboard or JetPack.  We also offer night shows with props such as light suits, thrust-er lights and lasers.

If you would like to hire PowerFly to take care of your entertainment, Flyboard or jet ski needs, please contact us directly. We work with various extreme sport professionals such as wake surf instructors, photographers, videographers, kiteboarders, etc. We can coordinate the team you need for your trip or event and make sure you are completely taken care of.

We take care of our clients’ professionally, respectfully and confidentially. For superior references, please contact us directly.


Promote an event, business, service or new product by using water flight devices such as the FlyBoard to attract people to your location. Our professional team flyers provide exceptional entertainment for any event.  Our team can come dressed in promotional attire and perform exciting shows with entertaining and thrilling maneuvers and tricks.

To see our company resume, click here.

Night Shows

We provide night shows using LED light suits and thrust-er lights.  Additional night props can be incorporated to your night show.

Contact us directly for additional information through our Contact Us Page.

All services provided are by appointment only and need to be booked in advance.