August 23, 2016: Excellent customer service. Definitely the most knowledgeable people I've ever talked to on all Flyboard equipment.  Thanks so much power fly products best toy I've ever had.
Aaron Hacker, Crown Point, Indiana
July 11, 2018: Mark and Sabrina are awesome. Not just when you buy from them but if you need service or help after the sale. They know flyboarding and run a great business.
Alan Williams, Lutz, FL
April 22, 2018: H2O School is in full on summer mode! We are in sunny Florida learning to coach with one of the best flyboarders in the country. Thanks so much Mark Baxter for all the tips, tricks and smiles. Best working vacation ever!!!
Caroline Villeneuve, Owner H2O School
March 22, 2016: Huge fan of yours and Polaris PWC for YEARS. I appreciate all the work and research you've put in to the industry for the past " however many decades".
Art in Middletown, CT
December 22, 2015: Beautiful store, great selection, and awesome customer service! Every part and accessory I needed in stock. We need more places like this. Thank you!
Ryan Cauly, Rogers, AK
November 23, 2015: I bought the powerfly's dual prop, safety skin, handheld depth finder, and amazing shock system on my RXPX260 when I fly on Jetblade and it rocks!!! Superior quality products, powerfly offers excellent and knowledgeable customer service.
Jack Stone - Port Clinton, OH
August 21, 2015: Forgot what customer service was like until I called Sabrina she knew her stuff and took the time to explain the differences between what I was wanting. Friendly and fast service.
Travis Johnson - Valmeyer, IL
August 16, 2015: Thank you Powerfly Products Team!!! This is me testing the safety skin today. It's perfect!!! The days of damaging or flipping the jet ski are in the past. Flyboarding Cyprus is more than content with your product!!! Higly recommended, a must have!!!
Petra Wijnker, Ayia Napa
July 30, 2015: Top notch service and knowledge!! Thanks for all your help!! Mark you rock!!
Aaron Truzski
July 30, 2015: Thanks for all your help!! Mark you rock!!
Aaron Truzski, San Bernardino, CA
July 10, 2015: Best flyboard and hydro sports guys in the business. Honest , fast and always their to help and support!
Brandon Samuels, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
May 12, 2015: I am enjoying this pre-loader can't even begin to tell you it does a great job of preventing the bow of the ski from whipping violently side to side
Ron Benjamin, Belleair Bluffs, FL
April 21, 2015: Huge thank you to Powerfly Products for supporting our troops and the Wounded Warrior foundation for the First ever Wounded Warrior Freedom Flyer Event! We have so many heros showing up this week and look forward to an epic day of them enjoying the sport of Hydroflight! Thanks to Powerfly Products we have some tools we were missing!!
SoCal HydroSports
April 13, 2015: Huge shoutout to Sabrina with PowerFly Products! Love our new Jackets and the awesome new products to make teaching that much easier! Very professional customer service. I admire their professionalism and hope to be more like them in how they run their business.
Tony Bertucci, Owner Nola Flyboarding
March 27, 2015: Big shout out to PowerFly Products on their superior customer service. Nice to know you can access a reliable, quality product and the service that supports sale is second to none. Thanks guys for keeping my business running. FlyboardSA, Australia.
Jared Ahern, FlyboardSA - Australia.
February 16, 2015: The PowerFly Shock System worked very well, definitely absorbs the pull on the hose.  You can tell that it's not as violent of a whip turn and does not cut off circulation through the hose as much. So definitely you've invented something that is a plus for Flyboarders. You've got two thumbs up from me.
Ron Benjamin
January 7, 2015: I can't say enough how awesome Mark and sabrina of powerfly products are. They are second to none in regards to customer service! Mark put a skat track double prop on my jet ski, didn't charge me for the install, gave me some cool free gear, even though I offered to pay for them, he refused. Showed me some new things he's working on, I just tried to soak up all the info I could. You guys are awesome!! Thanks again. — with Powerfly Products.
Michael Helton
December 12, 2014: For any one using an X-Jetpack equipped with X-Jets' original cam lock style venturi and u-pipe connector (not the new speed clamps), you'll be pleased to know that Powerfly Products 4" hose, their smallest available diameter, is a perfect fit! We flew on it all day yesterday, through 7 customers and oven an hour of abuse by me on the pack and JetBlade, it performed flawlessly. It's almost staggering how much lighter this hose really is compared to the stock 4" and 4.5" JetBlade hose. The lighter weight translates to a much less "tethered" feeling of flight than with the stock hose, and makes cleaning up at the end of the day way less of a hassle. Thanks Mark and Sabrina, well done!
Justin Parrish of Florida Keys Jetpacks
October 9, 2014: Mark and Sabrina Rock. They were so professional and knowledgeable. Very easy to talk to and work with. I recommend them to anybody interested in the Flyboard phenomenon.
Chris Peterson
September 2, 2014: Thank you so much Mark and Sabrina! The dual impeller is amazing on our FX SHO's!  This is my first backflip attempt.  So much fun! Anyone who has a flyboard should most definitely buy a dual impeller from Powerfly Products.
Andrew Puco
October 15, 2014: Mark and Sabrina Baxter, thank you so much for my new prop, amazing difference, best costumer service period.
Lucas Vasconcelos
September 26, 2014: Sabrina and Mark are the best, friendly knowledgeable service, quick shipping, quality products!
Matt Neal, Owner Carolina Flyboard
September 19, 2014: Mark Is the best! Not only did Mark save me a ton of money with his custom quick disconnects... He installed them in his shop for me for free! Thanks POWERFLY!.!.!
Jason Jones, Owner Extreme Water Adventures
October 24, 1014: Today I  installed the new PowerFly Pump on my Yamaha SVHO.  The difference in performance is huge it was great I would like to thank you for the pump.
Ibraheem Abukhadejeh from Amman, Jordan
Flyboard St. Pete: Just over two weeks till the fun begins! We want to give a BIG thanks to Mark and Sabrina over at Powerfly Products. Not only are they supplying one of the machines for the competition and practice, they are helping out with dinner and organization. If you don't know what they are about they make top quality after market products and solved a huge problem with an outstanding replacement hose. They are also leading the charge with the IWFSA, working on protecting our rights and improving safety among other things in the Hydrosport industry. Make sure you get to meet them at the event.
Owner of Flyboard St. Pete Beach, Florida
January 16, 2014: To all the Yamaha people out there, last weekend I had the opportunity to fly two Yamaha skis, both were the 215HP SHO model. One was stock and one had the Powerfly Products aftermarket pump with the dual impeller. I'm a seadoo guy but this pump and impeller made me think twice. The power and efficiency this combo has is incredible! Absolutely no cavitation whatsoever. Hands down the best Flyboard experience I've ever had.
Ryan Jacobs
March 31, 2014: Got my Dual impeller and quick steering adapter from Powerfly and I couldnt have asked for a better company to have gone... to! These guys know what their doing! Great customer service and will answer everything that you have a question to. Also love my HyperLite Boots I got from them too! Thank you!
Nellie Kubalek of Full Throttle Flyboard
June 25, 2014: Friendly, Knowledgeable, and their parts ROCK! Thanks for all of your support in our rental operation Powerfly!
Jonathan Bundy of Carolina Flyboard
August 8, 2014: ★★★★★ Mark and Sabrina are AWESOME!!! The sold and installed a duel impeller for my 2014 VXR. Mark was very knowledgeable and helpful. He even worked till midnight helping me put my jet ski together with all the adapters so I could fly the next day. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Brandon Landis of FirstCoast Flyboard
December 19, 2013: Thank you very much for all of your help, answering all my questions.  Making sure I got the right prop for my ski, taking all that time to answer my questions on boots, truly made me a very satisfied customer. I'm very pleased with my purchase, I would recommend you to a friend and I will continue to purchase my aftermarket parts from PowerFly.
Jason W. Burns
December 14, 2013: Got the impeller put on and man is it AWESOME! It really woke my jet ski up and keeps the hose filled after flips like never before. The power is smooth and is getting me probably 8-10' higher and gettin' me there quick. Well worth the $$$. Still about 5 feet or so from maxing out the hose. The difference in the lift getting there is the big thrill. Thanks PowerFly Products and Sabrina Baxter for your help!
Ronnie Feise - Professional Flyboard Rider - 14th Place World Champion 2013
December 23, 2013:   I use the Powerfly Pump on my FX SHO when I Flyboard and it rocks!!! On top of great quality products, powerfly offers excellent and knowledgeable customer service.
Ben Merrell - Professional Flyboard Rider - 3rd Place World Champion 2013
April 24, 2013: Yesterday I had the opportunity to test out PowerFactor Products new PowerFly Pump, what a difference it made. I flew the Yamaha FX Cruiser HO (180hp) which put me over 35 ft up and allowed me to pull the jetski on plane with someone riding, simply amazing, no pic unfortunately. Picture is of me riding the Yamaha FX SHO. What a difference it made on both skis, no cavitation, reduced noise, and increased height. For the SHO stock around 25ft with lots of cavitation and noise, PowerFly Pump all the way up and then some!  If you want details shoot me a message and I will get you in contact. Happy flying!
Trey Andrews - Professional Flyboard Rider - 10th Place World Champion 2013
Trey Andrews Flying

Trey Andrews Flying