Long Range
Easy to Use

BbTALKIN USA offers the best waterproof Bluetooth devices for any activity on the water.  Our Advance Units have built in long range Bluetooth, connecting up to 4 people in real time.    IPX7 rating for our signature waterproof head accessories.  Multiple features including: phone, music, live recording.

PowerFly Products is the exclusive distributor for BbTALKIN products and operates BbTALKIN USA.

What’s In the Box?


You need one Advance Unit for each person you wish to be in communication with. Our standard set of 2, Advance Unit package, is shown above (SKU: A02R).

You can connect up to 4 total users into a conversation.  (6 people can connect with limited range.)

All our Advance Units are compatible with one another.

You can add on additional users at any time by purchased additional Advance Units (SKU: A01R).  Our single unit package is shown below.

What’s Next?

Next step is to select the head accessory you wish to plug into your Advance Unit.  Your head accessory has the microphone and speaker to establish communication.

Our head accessories are specially designed with a secure waterproof connection.  It is up to the customer to always make sure your head accessory is securely tightened at all times during use.  We have a selection of headset’s that are completely waterproof with IPX7 rating.  We also have a selection of weather resistant products with IPX5 rating.

Lastly, if you wish to use a headset from another source, all you need is a multi-connector to keep your Advance Unit sealed from water intrusion.  (The headset from another source will not be waterproof.

What Makes It Waterproof?

Where Does My Advance Unit Go?

Customers have multiple different options on where you can mount your Advance Unit.  The higher the Advance Unit is mounted, the longer your range is for communication.

You can easily move your Advance Unit from one location to another.  This gives the customer the flexibility to use their Advance Unit for multiple different applications.  You can mount your Advance Unit on a helmet, hat, arm band or clip.

How It Works

The Advance Unit has it’s own built in long range Bluetooth, FCC approved.  Bluetooth connects by line of sight.


Battery life – in use: 10 hours

Charge time: 2.4 hours

Charging: AC Adaptor less than 5V

LED while charging:

Red = Advance Unit is charging

Blue = Advance Unit fully charged

LED while on:

Blue = Battery life 100%-60%

Purple = Battery life 60%-40%

Red = Battery low

Check Out BbTALKIN in Action!