BbTALKIN' Unit Installation Guide

Advance Unit Instructions


Cable: Micro USB
AC Adapter less than 5V.  *Do not use higher than 5V or this will damage the IC unit and void warranty.
Please make sure the device is completely dry before charging.


Battery life – in use: 10 hours

Charge time: 2.4 hours

Charging: AC Adaptor less than 5V

LED while charging:

Red = Advance Unit is charging

Blue = Advance Unit fully charged

LED while on:     

Blue = Battery life 100%-60%

Purple = Battery life 60%-40%

Red = Battery low


Intercall talk time: 10 hours
Charge time: 2.5 hours
Weight: 62 g
Range: 1 mile (2 way communication – line of sight)
Waterproof: IPX 7
*must be in the waterproof case

Ready to Use Out of the Box

Connect to Your Phone/Music/BbCAM

How to ReSet

(A) How to Pair Your Advance Units back together if they become Un-Paired

(B) Add Advance Unit to your Existing Communication Set Up


Shock System Installation Instructions

Before installing, make sure the bow eye has no sharp areas that could damage the strap and shock cord.  If so, sand them down and make smooth.

  1. Insert the large loop end of the yellow strap through the bow eye.
  2. Take the small looped end of the yellow strap and place it through the large loop, pull tight, basically making a half hitch around the bow eye. (See picture below)
  3. Take the black shock cord and place it through the bow eye. Re-attach it to the pear shaped locking connector.  Use a wrench to tighten the hex lock.  (Do not finger tighten) If you are using two shock cords, repeat this step.
  4. Remove the hose from the U-tube. Take off the old hose harness and install the PowerFly hose harness. Re-attach to the U-tube. Place the large carabiner on the D-Ring of the PowerFly harness.  When you are ready to fly, attach the large carabineer that is on the PowerFly harness to the small loop end of the yellow strap and the pear shaped locking connector attached to the black shock cord.

NOTE: Leave the strap and shock cords attached to the bow eye at all times. There is no need to remove every time you fly.

Single Shock Cord

Single Shock Cord

Double Shock Cord

Double Shock Cord

Safety Skin Installation Instructions

  1. We highly recommend removing your mirrors. This usually requires removing 3 bolts under the hood and are easily accessible.
  2. Lay out the Safety Skin. Use an inflation device similar to that of an air mattress to inflate all 5 chambers.  Make sure the chambers are filled up completely and firmly.
  3. Place the Safety Skin over top the front of the ski. (This may be easier with two people).  Route the front 1” strap through the bow eye and connect to the fastener on the other side. Tighten until the nose of the Safety Skin wraps over the front.  See Fig 1.
  4. Keeping the Safety Skin centered on the front of the ski, take one of the 2” straps and route it down to the bond flange. See Fig 2 below for proper angle. Mark your bond flange where your  through bolt will go. Install the ladder hook (through bolt) at the marked location.
    • Through bolt: Drill one side of the ladder hook then place the bolt through it. Now drill the other side.  When drilling through the bond flange, make sure you are centered and that there is nothing else on the other side to interfere with the mounting.  See Fig 3.
  5. Before fully installing the bolt system, slide the loop on the 2” strap around the ladder hook.  Then secure the ladder hook to the bond flange.  Repeat this step for the other 3 straps.


Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


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