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First Annual Hydro-Flight Amateur Event & Fly-In

PowerFly Products took center stage and helped make the first Hydro-Flight Amateur Event and Fly-In on November 7-9, 2014 at the Post Card Inn, St. Pete Beach, FL a huge success.  

This event was in conjunction with Pacifico Paddle Challenge and sanctioned by the International Water Flight Safety Association.

Everyone gathered on Friday, November 7th to begin flying festivities.  At sunset, eight jet ski’s took the water and an amazing sunset photo and video shoot took place capturing the colorful vibrant St. Pete Beach skyline.  Flyboard and JetBlade’s flew together reaching heights of 50 ft. and performing maneuvers such as back flips, 360’s, tornado spins and dolphin dives.

On Saturday, November 8th, the Pacifico Paddle Challenge SUP competition took place.  Entertainment was non-stop for spectators which included an amazing freestyle jet ski show put on by X-Metal which included a star performance by freestyle champion Jason Stoyer.  JetBlade demos were being offered and Flyboard lessons to any eager spectator.  Rock Star attended handing out energy drinks to the crowd.  Home Depot also put on a cornhole tournament while Jose Cuervo passed out margarita samples.  A plentiful BBQ dinner was put on by PowerFly Products at the PCI banquet room with 70 attendees.  The evening was concluded with a showstopping JetBlade performance by Pro Rider Ben Merrell.  Ben was flying with an outrageous light suit and wireless controller by Flytronics.  Even though mother nature joined and brought us pouring rain that evening, a crowd gathered and soaked up the performance.

Sunday, November 9th, was the first ever Amateur Event in Flyboard.  Pro Riders Ben Merrell, Callon Burns and Ronnie Feise took the podium and successfully implemented a unique and outstanding scoring system.  This system was proven to be extremely successful in judging a flyers technical abilities, style, variety of trick and hose management.  Several heats were run on the main flying machine provided by PowerFly Products which was a Yamaha FX SHO, with PowerFly Pump, Flyboard and PowerFly DXP Hose.  The Pro Amateurs’ talent was a sight to see and an affirmation of how far the sport of hydro-flight has come in such a short amount of time.  The female, rookie and junior class showcased upcoming talent.  The Pro Amateur top three were: 1: Rush Bunny Bragg, 2: Zoro Santiago, 3: Brandon Samuels.  An awards banquet concluded the outstanding weekend with Kristen Smoyer winning the JetBlade in a raffle.

In summary, the weekend was a great success with several hydro flight and water sports elements joining together operating safely and respectively.

$10,000 in Prizes, gifts, trophies and awards including: Skat-Trak Dual Impeller, Hyperlite boots and bindings from PowerFly, Flytronics wireless RCT, JetBlade, and Skydive from Skydive Sebastian.

Sponsors of the Event: X-Jets; JetBlade USA; PowerFly Products; PowerUp WaterSports; Flytronics; Full Flight Sportswear; PCI St. Pete Beach; International Water Flight Safety Association; Flyboard Operators; Hunter Skipper; Skat-Trak Performance Products; Flex Vision; Salt Water Kit, Paddle & Surf; Skydive Sebastian


PowerFly takes Center Stage during the Steve Harvey Show

PowerFly Products had the incredible opportunity to provide a stunt double for the Steve Harvey show while they were broadcasting from Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida.



PowerFly Show at the US Open of Water Skiing



PowerFly Products and Falcon Flyboarding attended and supported the US Open of Water Skiing in Orlando on October 25, 2014.  Two shows were dynamically done by Mark Baxter, owner of PowerFly, on the Hoverboard and Justin Smith, owner of Falcon Flyboarding, performed on the Flyboard for the audience.

Performances in Port Canaveral, FL

PowerFly Products periodically performs Flyboard shows as entertainment for the waterfront restaurants in Port Canaveral, Florida.  We work with the Port Authority and have had great success in the year 2014 doing Flyboard shows for restaurants such as Fishlips and Milliken’s.  People leaving for their cruise out of the Port get an extra visual treat when watching us fly as they leave for their vacation.




Show for Endless Windz Kiteboarding Grand Opening

Jan. 2014: PowerFly Product performs a Flyboard show for Endless Windz Kiteboarding at their Grand Opening in Grant, FL.Endless Windz

Skat Trak and PowerFly: Product Review by Pro Flyboarder Ben Merrell

Ben Merrell is a Pro Flyboarder from Destin, Florida who flies with his company Power Up Watersports. Ben finished 3rd at the 2013 Flyboard World Cup.



Disclaimer: Skat Trak and PowerFactor provided Ben, free of charge, some aftermarket products to check out. Ben chose to share his thoughts with FM.

Product Review by Pro Flyboarder Ben Merrell

After riding a stock 2013 Yamaha FX SHO, then riding with the Skat Trak double impeller, and then adding the Powerfly Pump from PowerFactor Products, I am officially ready to break it down. The Yamaha FX SHO stock is absolutely incomplete in regards to FlyBoard. Don’t get me wrong you can get about 35 feet at 3/4 throttle, but then you run into terrible vibration and wasted fuel. The power itself is good but it didn’t separate itself from other skis with similar HP.

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2013 North American Flyboard Family Weekend & Video Shoot

PowerFly Products was proud to attend and support the 2013 North American Flyboard Family Weekend & Video Shoot at Lake Ray Hubbard in Dallas, TX.  The event was from October 18th-20th, 2013.  Over 40 Flyboard operators attended the event in Texas.  It was the first of it’s kind.  We made history along with several amazing friends and co-workers in the industry.


PowerFly Featured in DJ Fenix Music Video

Mark Baxter of PowerFly performs on the Flyboard in DJ Fenix and Katia Rudelman’s music video “Got It.”  Filmed in May 2013 by Dasher Films in Seychelles.

PowerFly in Anastasia Yatcht Travel Brochure – Maldives

Mark Baxter of PowerFly caught in action in on the Flyboard in 2012 when traveling with clients in Maldives.  Featured in the yachting brochure for MY Anastasia, Lets Go Maldives, which offers one of the finest in yachting hospitality and safari crusing in Maldives.