Flyboard Bundle Package Options


PowerFly Products provides the most diverse selection of products you can purchase together.  Create your own bundle package of Zapata Racing and PowerFly Products items.


Starting with the Zapata Racing Flyboard Pro Series, this is the base to start building the kit that fits your water sports needs.  The Flyboard kit comes with all the parts needed to connect to your personal watercraft.   For your jet ski, you need to operate this equipment with a 4-stroke engine with 130hp or higher.  For the best performance, we recommend 180hp or above.

Once you have your base equipment, there are several add on products customers can purchase.  They are listed below:

Universal Nozzle:  This allows for you to go between jet ski mode and Flyboard mode quickly and easily.  The universal nozzle fits onto your Flyboard Interface place and allows you to use your jet ski as normal.  (You will loose your reverse and trim)  Once you are at an area where you want to fly, you remove the universal nozzle and install the Flyboard U-Pipe to go fly.

Wireless EMK: This allows for the flyer to operate the jet ski while flying with no one on the ski.  This remote is for experienced flyers only.

Safety Skin: This is an inflatable cover that goes over your jet ski hood.  When beginning to perform tricks on the Flyboard, the hose can impact your ski.  The Safety Skin helps protects your jet ski hull from damage.  It will also self right your ski if it rolls over.  Can also help protect a flyer if they impact the ski.

BbTALKIN USA Communication Set: This is a long range waterproof Bluetooth system which allows two people to talk together in real time.  This package includes a waterproof surf hat for the instructor and a helmet with double sided speaker pads for the student.  The helmet has full ear protection.


x1: Pro Series Board

x1: Zapata Racing Open Toe Bindings (select your size from the menu above)

x1: Hose Swivel – Board End

x1: X-Armor Hose (23 meters)

x1: Double Swivel U-pipe which includes a Hose Swivel

x1: Interface Plate

x4: Hose Clamps

x1: Hose Harness Kit (for front of ski)

* Jet Ski Adapter which you select from the menu above