Shock System


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Product Description:

IMPORTANT:  Failure to properly install this system will cause items within the system to break such as the small carabiner or shock cord.  Do not use this system for the double swivel U-Pipe.  Only to be used with the standard U-Pipe.

If you are flying with the Flyboard Double Swivel U-Pipe System, we recommend the following leash kit: Hose Leash Kit for Double Swivel

This combination absorbs the pull of the jet ski when changing directions during a flyer’s water flight session. Therefore, this will reduce violent drops due to water circulation being cut off in the hose during abrupt changes in the watercraft direction. Also reduces wear to the hose around the bow eye area of the watercraft.

The design of the hose harness allows the hose to be cradled instead of pulled from the center.

The large carabiner attaches to the hose harness.  It is essential you use the large carabiner for the hose harness, not the small.

You may want to upgrade your hose harness, add an extra shock cord and connector for extreme flying conditions.

The Shock System consists of:

– x1: Polyester leash
– x2: Shock cord
– x2: Pear shaped small stainless steel locking threaded connector
– x1: Large locking stainless steel carabiner
– x1: Hose Harness

If you would like to have extra parts from our Shock System on hand, or if you need to order a replacement part; click on the individual part you need below:

PowerFly Hose Harness

PowerFly Limiting Straps Set of 2

Large Locking Carabiner 

Shock Cord Set of 4

We have tested this system with the Flyboard and other water flight devices with great results. We have also had customers testing out this system, we have received nothing but positive feedback. Click here for detailed instructions.



Double Shock Cord

Double Shock Cord