PowerFly Products – Ultimate Bundle Package




  • PowerFly Pump Complete (Yamaha)
  • Universal Nozzle
  • Shock System
  • DXP Pro Hose(60ft)
  • Safety Skin
  • Wireless Remote (Zapata Racing)

This bundle package was designed as the ultimate upgrade for Yamaha watercraft owners. It includes the PowerFly Pump which was intricately designed for jet propelled sports with changes to the pump size, hub size, stator veins and main drive placement. This pump is exclusively offered by PowerFly Products and made by Skat-Trak. We recommend for SHO and SVHO models.

The next item is the PowerFly Universal Nozzle. This kit comes complete and ready to install onto the Flyboard interface plate. This nozzle is designed to allow the customer to ride out to their favorite flying area, disconnect the nozzle, connect the Flyboard U-tube and fly.

As you advance in this sport, you will need to upgrade your stock hose to a performance hose. The DXP Pro hose is light weight, durable and enhances performance. The added accessory of the PowerFly Shock System will help the longevity of your hose. The combination of this system absorbs the pull of the jet ski when changing directions during a flyer’s water flight session. This helps reduce violent drops due to water circulation being cut off in the hose during abrupt changes in the watercraft direction. It also reduces wear around the bow eye area of the watercraft.

As you invest in equipment for this sport, you want to protect your assets. The PowerFly Safety Skin was designed to protect your watercraft, self and hose. Benefits include reducing the risk of injury, protecting your jet ski hull, helping prevent watercraft rollovers, and protecting your hose.

The final product in this kit is a wireless remote.  This remote eliminates the need for a person controlling the throttle on your watercraft. It gives you the flyer complete control of the throttle and takes you to the next level in flying.