EMK Wireless Remote by Zapata Racing


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The Freedom of Flying Wireless is here from Zapata Racing. Specifically designed for us with the ZR Flyboard, FlyRide, Hoverboard and JetPack.

The Brain Engine features an Stainless Steel Mounting Plate that can be adapted to any personal watercraft. The Digital Servo Motor features all steel gears inside a full aluminum case that is light weight while delivering incredible torque and efficiency with low power consumption.

The transmitter uses two AA batteries (not included) that are located inside the watertight handle. We recommend to change your batteries before each time you go out to fly.

* Smart Brain Engine regulates the engine RPM at a consistent level on any personal watercraft

* Works in the air and underwater up to 3 seconds to allow for in water tricks such as Dolphin Dives

* Simply clamp wires with special clamps furnished and connect to the battery

* Five different settings. Settings 1 through 4 are intended for normal above water use and provide for four different RPM max levels. Level 5 is set up for Professional use and for in water dives.

Adding the Electronic Finger Throttle EMK Adapter:

If your personal watercraft has a cable from the finger throttle to the engine, you do not need to add the Electronic Finger Throttle EMK Adapter Kit. If your PWC utilizes an electronic throttle, no cable from finger throttle to engine, you will need to add the adapter kit.

Click here to see the complete Zapata Racing Manual for detailed instructions on installation.  We also provide technical support on how to install and calibrate your remote so it works flawlessly with your set up.